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Fort Lauderdale Fire Damage Threats Require Fast Action

11/9/2022 (Permalink)

tech removing soot from walls  servpro poster For a "Like it never even happened," house fire damage recovery for your Fort Lauderdale residence--Just Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO FSRT Technicians Restore Fire Damage

Ft. Lauderdale and its surrounding area are home to hundreds of thousands of people, and many small shops, businesses, offices, and other commercial properties. With such an assortment of structures, it is crucial to have experienced professionals to help when situations like fires occur.

Fort Lauderdale fire damage can appear in many forms, from overloaded circuits in a condominium to a kitchen flare-up in a single-family home. We understand the urgency of these situations, making it a conscious effort to show We're Faster To Any Size Disaster with our SERVPRO Green Fleet, often arriving within hours of the first notice of loss.

Creating a Safe Work Environment

Safety must be the focus of SERVPRO professionals. There are many hazards associated with post-fire cleanup and recovery services, and the earliest efforts of experienced technicians from our roster are meant to address these possible hazards. The most pressing concerns are often airborne contaminants and structural weakness, which SERVPRO fire restorers can resolve with HEPA filtration products and controlled demolition services.

Addressing Pressing Concerns Early in Restoration

Mitigation can be one of the most productive priorities for responding SERVPRO professionals. Fire damage can be traumatic and stressful for homeowners to witness in these stages, so many early efforts are intended to keep this situation from worsening. This phase can include removing debris, cleaning up standing water, relocating contents, and conducting a thorough inspection of the property to determine how restoration should proceed.

Removing Soot Soils from Surfaces

Fire damage is often most visualized as the black, soot-laden surfaces of a home after a blaze gets extinguished. This situation can worsen until steps are taken to filter out spreading soot particles and clean surfaces impacted by this soiling. We make decisions based on the type of smoke damage present, determining the ideal restoration and removal approach. Types of soil deposits include:

  • Dry Smoke
  • Wet Smoke
  • Grease Residues

Removing Strong Malodors from the Property

After fire damage gets cleaned up in homes, there are still additional loss effects to deal with for professionals. Lingering malodors present the most direct issues for comfortable living, and we must use a combination of cleaning efforts to overcome them:

  • Fogging – Mobile fogging units can help spread neutralizing agents throughout the property. Because of the vaporous emission of the machine, these are ideal for clearing trapped odors from building materials.
  • UV Cleaning – UV breaks down molecular structures circulating in the environment. Exposure to UV prevents these compounds from replicating and can even destroy these particles in some cases.
  • Ozone – Oxidation units in our supply create an unstable molecular compound of O3, which can seek out odor molecules in the environment and bond. When this union occurs, the smell is neutralized. In its unstable form, ozone can be hazardous to those exposed, so it gets used cautiously.

SERVPRO Can Help with Post-Fire Repairs

Few structure fires do such minimal damage to residences that no replacement materials or repairs are needed. Because this is a standard part of the recovery process, it is beneficial that our SERVPRO team has a general contractor license. With this license, we are permitted to complete several build-back services your home or business might need, starting with controlled demolition and material removal through utility repairs, roof repairs, and new construction.

When you contend with Fort Lauderdale fire damage, you need experienced restoration professionals to help. As leading fire recovery specialists for Broward County, SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale North is ready to help with the restoration and recovery services you need most. Call now at (954) 734-1006.

Restoration After Fort Lauderdale Water Damage Events

11/9/2022 (Permalink)

duck floating servpro poster Don't let a water leak make your Fort Lauderdale home into a duck pond! Call SERVPRO for fast removal to mitigate water damage. 

The Priorities of Water Damage Cleanup

As part of the second largest county in the state, Fort Lauderdale is home to a growing population nearing 200,000. With the frequency of callouts like water disasters and emergencies, the more than a million residents of Broward County rely on SERVPRO to help with critical areas of damage recovery and cleanup like:

  • Water removal
  • Drying
  • Surface cleaning
  • Mold prevention
  • Deodorization

Fort Lauderdale water damage events require immediate action from experienced professionals on our restoration team. With accreditations from the IICRC in areas like structural drying, water restoration, and microbial remediation, our talented team is ready to help when disasters strike.

Priorities of Water Restoration

Every restoration situation is unique, offering site-specific challenges to return a property to preloss condition as efficiently as possible. Some of the core components of successful mitigation and damage recovery include:

-   Extraction

When mitigation gets started for water damage in area homes, one of the key efforts of this process is removing standing water from the flooring. Pooling can spread throughout the house, impacting several flooring materials, wood trim, wall systems, and other sensitive building materials. It should be prioritized to remove any lingering water like this with tools from our stock like:

  • Wet Vacuums
  • Carpet Wands
  • Submersible Pumps

-   Thorough Drying

Wet materials require thorough drying to prevent controlled demolition and reconstruction. This effort involves many tools to help regulate moisture and protect sensitive building materials and contents:

  • Air Movers - Airflow is one of the primary drying principles, and with axial and centrifugal units in our inventory, we can quickly manage surface water concerns.
  • Portable Heaters - Cooler temperatures in the drying areas can slow down productive evaporation, especially by forming invisible barriers several inches above the surface of wet materials. Heaters help to increase the temperature of drying zones to combat this effect.
  • Dehumidification Equipment - Regulating moisture content in the environment is also an important step in drying. High humidity slows drying so that dehumidification equipment can collect these moisture grains for removal.
  • Special Purpose Drying Tools - However, water damage is not always on the surface for collection and removal. In some situations, special tools like drying mats or weighted extractors must aid in relieving materials of trapped water and moisture.

-   Cleaning Impacted Surfaces

Water can leave films and soils on exposed materials, making cleanup a critical step in restoring homes “Like it never even happened.” Most surface cleaning solutions we undertake involve wiping with chemical agents. However, more advanced restoration is often needed for areas like carpeting with our hot water extraction solutions and bonnet cleaning.

-   Preventing Mold Damage

It is not a far path from water damage to mold damage, as these microbial colonies need moist environments to develop and thrive. It is a priority for our SERVPRO IICRC-certified team to regulate conditions that could result in microbial threats, often through these three potential actions:

  • Potent Products – The first direct line of defense against mold growth are the powerful sporicidal products and antimicrobial solutions that act as inhibitors on treated surfaces.
  • Regulating Moisture Concerns – Mold colonies require moist environments to develop and spread. A large part of combatting these harmful scenarios relies on managing this moisture and preventing it from becoming a lingering condition in your household.
  • Comprehensive Inspections – We utilize our expertise in microbial remediation to identify developing mold colonies and begin needed removal solutions. 

Fort Lauderdale water damage can rapidly impact homes and businesses, creating a harmful situation for property owners. Our SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale North team is an experienced unit for water mitigation and restoration solutions. Give us a call to help today at (954) 734-1006.

Overcoming Fort Lauderdale Mold Damage to Homes 

11/9/2022 (Permalink)

servpro poster clean your bathrooms... Inspection and scoping of mold damage can mitigate the damage. Count on SERVPRO AMRT techs to get it done right the first time.

SERVPRO Helps Identify and Clear Mold Damage

With more than eleven miles of coastline, Fort Lauderdale is greatly influenced by coastal humidity and any severe weather making landfall from the Atlantic Ocean. Moisture concerns left unresolved in your home can lead to secondary effects like mold development.

When contending with Fort Lauderdale mold damage, it is essential to have experienced professionals to help. With our IICRC training and accreditation in microbial remediation (AMRT), odor removal (OCT), and structural drying (ASD), we can quickly help in ways that matter for your home.

How Do You Know Mold Threatens Your Home?

Spotting mold growth in your home is not always a given. Mold damage can be elusive and hidden, making it vital to understand how to see the signs that something could be amiss. Because many property owners do not know what to look for, mold conditions can worsen out of sight until the colonization is extensive enough to breach surface materials. Some of the telling signals of active colonization can include:

  • Surface Spotting – On the surface of materials like drywall and other porous elements of the home's construction, spotting can be a clear indicator of active colonies. These irregular patches of varying colors are often easily distinguished against construction materials.
  • Structural Damage – Mold feeds on organic matter, meaning that the longer colonies exist, the more structural damage results. 
  • Harsh Odors – Volatile organic compounds create a strong, musty smell around active colonies. Even without surface damage, this smell can show homeowners that a problem exists.

How Likely is Mold Damage for Fort Lauderdale Homes?

Coastal Florida is known for its humidity, and homes, condos, and businesses can all suffer these effects. Poor ventilation or excessive moisture content can be contributing factors to facilitating mold growth. Because spores exist naturally in most environments, areas only await appropriate environmental conditions to allow mold to infest the hosting materials and grow.

What Do Remediators Do First?

Our remediation team's early actions can often directly impact the restoration and removal. Mitigating loss starts with the crucial steps to prevent conditions from getting worse, such as:

  • Contain the Colonization – Erecting containment barriers is an effective method for resolving mold and microbial threats' spread and continued development. Physical walls with wood and polypropylene sheeting are often helpful for spore containment.
  • Stop Moisture Damage – Because moisture contributes to mold damage, we must clear any damp areas of the house. We can run powerful dehumidifiers and might even encourage a permanent installation of one of these units under specific circumstances.
  • Prevent More Damage – Using our general contractor license, we can actively repair any areas, allowing the penetration of moisture damage in the property or installing better ventilation to areas that need helpful airflow.

How Does SERVPRO Eliminate Mold?

Removing mold colonies is not a one-size-fits-all option for homes and businesses. Instead, several layers of consideration and planning go into the decision to eliminate active colonies and prevent recurrences moving forward. Often, the process could be surface cleaning, abrasive removal tactics, sanding, controlled demolition, or a combination of these solutions. Surface cleaning is the most preferred and least invasive, but these choices get made on the location of the damage and the severity of the infestation.

Fort Lauderdale mold damage is a fairly common occurrence for homes and businesses, especially following severe weather events that impact these structures. When mold threats exist in your home, we have competent professionals to address these conditions. Give our SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale North remediators a call at (954) 734-1006.

The Impacts of Flood Damage on a Fort Lauderdale Home

11/8/2022 (Permalink)

Rain coming in through the roof, man catching it in a bucket. SERVPRO provides fast and immediate storm damage restoration services; call now!

SERVPRO Helps Minimize Damage after Fort Lauderdale Flood

A flooding event can be quite invasive. You should evacuate to higher ground immediately and avoid driving in flooded areas. Typically, one of the first things you would notice when you return to your house is the smell and physical deterioration of your belongings. The impact on your home depends on several factors. These include the type of flooding that has occurred, whether fast or slow-moving waters, the volume involved, and the duration your house has been submerged.

Addressing flood damage quickly in Fort Lauderdale properties is the best course to take within 24 to 36 hours of the disaster. Contact a restoration services provider such as SERVPRO as soon as possible. SERVPRO immediately dispatches restoration technicians to your home who takes you through the expected restoration process and answers any question you may have. If it is still raining, we temporarily patch any holes or breaches in your ceiling and walls to keep as much extra water out of your house as possible.

Ways flooding can affect your home include:

  • Sewage and bacteria
  • Damaged electrical and natural gas lines
  • Emergence of sinkholes
  • Mold development

The invading water can hide dangerous debris, like glass or metal fragments, mostly if muddy. Additionally, the water can displace animals, insects, and reptiles. It may also contain sewage, dead animals, and chemical hazards, not forgetting the electrical circuitry throughout your home, which might be below the water line. Submerged outlets, appliances, and electrical cords can put you at risk of electrical shock. With training, tools, and availability of safety equipment, SERVPRO crews can manage such situations well.

Noticeable structural changes after inundation

  • Doors swell and jam
  • The drywall swells and becomes fluffy
  • Furniture joints loosen

SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale North has the resources to respond to any flood damage situation “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (954) 734-1006.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Ft. Lauderdale Calls for Expert Assistance

9/12/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO lets connect sign SERVPRO commercial damage restoration services are top-notch. We are the team of professionals you want.

SERVPRO Handles Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Ft. Lauderdale

Water damage in any building is usually a catastrophe, but the risks can elevate in an office building. When not quickly and properly handled, it can cause some debilitating effects; it halts business activities such as mobility of the workers and availability of services to your customers while also leading to the destruction of merchandise and the structure.

We would love to see commercial property owners back on their feet in the shortest time possible, which is why at SERVPRO, we have a team of restorers experienced in performing commercial water damage restoration in Ft. Lauderdale. Our main aim is fast and efficient restoration with as less destruction of property and frustration of movement inside the building as possible.

The initial assessment our SERVPRO team does helps us identify the level of damage and the risks posed, some of which might include:

  • Electrical hazards that might comprise power strips in the wet offices and water that from above impacts lights, junction boxes, and fire alarm systems
  • Slipping and falling, which we can reduce by extracting the water, erecting warning signs, and also restricting entry into the affected areas
  • Contamination of the HVAC system risks bacteria and microorganisms becoming airborne and deteriorating air quality.
  • Damage to electronic equipment like multifunctional printers, computers, and smartphones.
  • Mold growth can cause structural damage by eating away the component of building materials. 

Water can also ruin supplies and stock. Our SERVPRO technicians can remove stagnant water quickly using powerful electric submersible pumps. These pumps eradicate suction lift limitations and operate continually and quietly.

SERVPRO also has centrifugal air movers that come in handy when drying out the building. The equipment moves large volumes of dry air, accelerating the water evaporation rate from the building structure and materials affected. We also use dehumidification equipment to eliminate water vapor from the air. This gives us room to restore all recoverable materials to their original state sufficiently.

Your commercial property deserves experienced and well-equipped professionals to work towards its prompt restoration. Contact SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale North for help at (954) 734-1006. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

SERVPRO Has the Expertise Required to Offer Mold Remediation in Ft. Lauderdale

9/12/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Open windows for fresh air sign Mold remediation services for your home is no easy project. Trust the professionals at SERVPRO for fast and immediate service.

Safe Mold Remediation in Ft. Lauderdale Requires Expertise

I have identified mold in my home. What’s the next step I should take? The next step is ensuring effective mold remediation. When considering the potential permanent property damage that mold can cause, removing it from your property as fast as possible is essential.

You can trust the professionals at SERVPRO to perform mold remediation in your Ft. Lauderdale home. Different kinds of mold exist. Our technicians can identify the mold strain in your home and remediate it. We take several steps to remediate mold, including the following:

  • Fixing moisture problems
  • Isolating moldy areas
  • Discarding absorbent materials
  • Cleaning the mold away
  • Thorough drying

Fixing moisture issues

If your home still has water ingress, remediating the mold is difficult. Therefore, if the mold problem results from a leak, our SERVPRO team can fix it first. Additional ventilation may be necessary if the mold issue is present in a naturally wet environment like the bathroom.

Isolating moldy areas

Any airflow occurring across moldy surfaces can cause mold spores to spread around the building. We can isolate moldy areas from unaffected areas before demolition, drying, or cleaning to prevent cross-contamination.

Discarding absorbent materials

Removing certain items that mold has affected, especially porous ones, is necessary. We can use specialized techniques to clean such items or discard them. For instance, furniture and carpets have fibers where mold can remain after cleaning them. Discarding them prevents the issue from recurring.

Cleaning away the mold

Once we remove highly affected porous materials like gypsum board, our SERVPRO technicians can clean remaining materials like Douglas fir framing and plywood subfloors. We can remove the visible traces of mold and then use a biocide or antimicrobial spray to clean the surfaces through wet wiping.

Thorough drying

During the mold remediation process, it is necessary to perform thorough drying. We accomplish this using air movers and dehumidifiers. Our SERVPRO team can also use moisture meters to determine if the affected materials are dry.

Mold remediation requires a great deal of care. Contact SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale North at (954) 734-1006 to remediate the mold in your home.

Water Removal in Wilton Manors Homes Requires SERVPRO’s Assistance

9/12/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO how do we use drying equipment SERVPRO technicians are ready at a moment's notice for all water damage restoration projects. 24/7 365 days a year we are here for you.

Get Help with Water Removal in Your Wilton Manors Home

Water emergencies are usually unpredictable, happening when property owners least expect them. No matter what has caused the water intrusion, it can ruin the hardwood floors, carpets, upholstery, appliances, and other items. Saving time is vital to prevent additional and costly damage.

SERVPRO provides professional water removal services in Wilton Manors and can restore your home to a preloss state. Our water removal experts can provide you with the following services:

  • A quick assessment of the incident, describe an action plan and offer a cost estimate before restoration work starts. 
  • Remove standing water.
  • Extract water from the carpet and pad.
  • Use anti-microbial solutions to treat affected areas.
  • Use air moving and dehumidifying equipment to speed up drying.


Due to water’s invasive nature, it is crucial to locate the source of the leak and start extraction immediately. Our technicians can use moisture detection tools like infrared cameras to locate areas with high moisture content.

Remove standing water

Our SERVPRO team can use powerful portable pumps to remove the standing water quickly to reduce water damage repair needs. Our training ensures that we know and uphold every industry standard for proper and safe water removal jobs.

Extract water from the carpet and pad

Aggressive water extraction can cause carpet delamination. Carpeting is 50 percent weaker when wet. Heavy equipment can help squeeze out water from the carpet to be extracted. Generally, we use carpet wands to remove water from glue-down carpeting.

Use anti-microbial solutions to treat affected areas

Applying anti-microbial products is one of the effective ways to control microbial growth. These products can control microbes when we use them, along with fast drying.

Use air movers and dehumidifiers to expedite drying.

Our SERVPRO team knows the proper technique for using airflow during the drying process. Air movers enhance evaporation at the surface level and minimize drying time. Dehumidifiers emit dry, hot air that is useful for drying hard-to-dry areas like pillars, walls, and other saturated areas.

After experiencing water damage, call SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale North at (954) 734-1006 to handle the problem. We can make the mishap seem “Like it never even happened.”

Thoroughly Drying Ft. Lauderdale Water Damage

8/13/2022 (Permalink)

lgr dehus drying bathroom SERVPRO controls water damage with extraction, drying with advanced equipment, and dedication to making our Fort Lauderdale customers happy.

Tools Help Show Water Damage Drying Progress

Drying up the damage in your home after a disaster is a priority of responding technicians. We have talented professionals capable of rapidly assessing the condition of your home and counteracting any troubling circumstances with equipment like air movers, dehumidifiers, and heaters. The objective is to dry the property and prevent thoroughly:

? Damage to the structure

? Unresolved and continued water damage

? Mold spore development

Moisture Migration Concerns

Water damage in Fort Lauderdale homes can spread quickly and indiscriminately, making multiple rooms of your home susceptible to its effects. Migrating moisture must be tracked and documented; specific sensors and products in our inventory can help. With advanced technology like infrared imagery, we can show where moisture caches exist that could require demolition to reach or where further surface drying attention is needed.

Effective Placement of Drying Tools

One of the applications for sensors and probing detectors is to assess the production of drying tools placed throughout the residence. For example, discovering moisture pockets or damp areas would require a more focused drying need in these positions. Probing moisture meters have a clear and concise readout into the wetness of installed building materials and the general effectiveness or impact of placed air movers seeking to evaporate this water.

Regulating Relative Humidity

Moisture in the environment is essential to successful or failing drying practices. SERVPRO professionals must introduce tools that can help regulate these concerns in the air, such as desiccant and low-grain refrigerant dehumidifiers. Thermohygrometers and other moisture sensors can track the room's dehumidification success.

With water damage events that impact homes in the area, professionals like ours must respond quickly. Without thoroughly drying your residence, you could leave it vulnerable to other secondary effects and damage. Give our SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale North team a call to help at (954) 734-1006.

Factors of Fire Damage Cleanup in Wilton Manors Properties

8/13/2022 (Permalink)

kitchen fire damage from microwave ovenFactors of Fire Damage Cleanup in Wilton Manors Properties   Certain Conditions Impact Microwave fire damage with dry smoke in a Wilton Manors kitchen. SERVPRO can make it "Like it never even happened."

Certain Conditions Impact Fire Damage Recovery

As leading fire damage professionals in the state, SERVPRO works quickly to reach homes and businesses impacted by fires and subsequent smoke effects. When these effects exist, the cleaning of the house can be influenced by several factors. Soot and soiling can target many areas of the property, including:

? Ceilings

? Walls

? Contents

? Floors

What Type of Smoke Damage

When SERVPRO professionals first assess fire damage in Wilton Manors properties, we must determine the nature of the damage.

What Type of Smoke Damage?

When SERVPRO professionals first assess fire damage in Wilton Manors properties, we must determine the type of smoke damage impacting the structure. A considerable difference exists between wet and dry smoke damage, but the cleaning can become even more challenging with added obstacles of grease and proteins.

Workspace Temperature

Your home can often be warm after a fire for a lengthy period, but when surfaces cool, they become more challenging to clean and restore. Maintaining warmth in the workspace allows chemical processes to occur faster, with molecules moving more quickly than in colder temperatures.

Contact Period with Cleaning Products

Contact time measures the exposure period with cleaning products on soiled surfaces. In some situations, contact time must be lengthy to allow solvents or pairing chemicals to have the desired effects. Other potent cleaning agents can mar or ruin underlying substrates with too long contact time. SERVPRO professionals must continually monitor conditions to avoid unpleasant outcomes.

Environmental Moisture Levels

Humidity is an important factor in the salvageability of materials after a fire and how readily SERVPRO can clean specific surfaces. Reducing high moisture content can positively affect the overall cleaning, reducing the probability of soils staining surfaces or being unnecessarily challenging to lift and remove from affected materials.

Many factors can influence the ease of cleaning up after structure fires. Our professionals understand how to utilize these factors to provide a positive and swift result for your home. Give our SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale North team a call to help at (954) 734-1006.

Finding Where Flood Damage Enters Fort Lauderdale Homes

8/13/2022 (Permalink)

ceiling damaged by water, demolition showing insulation We're Faster To Any SIze Disaster. Call SERVPRO to mitigate storm damage to your Fort Lauderdale home. We do attics.

Stopping Flood Damage Entering the Property

Flooding can be among the more challenging situations that a home faces, making it a condition that restoration professionals must rapidly respond to resolve. SERVPRO is equipped, licensed, and certified to help in all facets of flood recovery, such as:

  • Extraction
  • Water cleanup
  • Surface disinfection
  • Thorough drying
  • Repairs

Structural Openings of Main Floor

Flood damage in Fort Lauderdale homes can often occur directly, powering through doorways and openings in the structure. With these events like flash floods, the main floor of the property can be quickly overrun with standing water concerns. We have powerful extractors to help regulate these emergencies, allowing cleaning and drying to begin.

Flooding in the Attic

Roof damages during severe weather the Ft. Lauderdale area experiences can create penetration points in the roof with missing shingles or structural compromise. Water intrusion reaches the connected attic space, requiring low-profile air movers and portable extraction solutions to dry and clean.

Backed Up Drain Intrusions

Floor drains, especially those tied to areas like a garage, can be a point where backup impacts the house. Sewer systems become overrun with water or a blockage, which can occur during flash flooding and severe weather events. Drains feeding into this system can backup to spilling contents in connected areas of the house, even through toilets and other installed fixtures on lower levels.

Driven Water Damage

Heavy rains and strong winds can push rain against vulnerable areas of the house. Most commonly, this is a penetration between siding and the main exterior wall system of the residence, allowing water into the living space. Resolving this requires drying out any structural elements creating this assembly and flooring materials within the house that have been impacted.

Understanding how flood damage impacts your home or business prepares property owners to secure professional services after disasters. Our SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale North team has a fast storm damage response team for disaster relief and complete restoration. Call now at (954) 734-1006.